Thwarted but happy, I suppose

Many years ago, I wrote a screenplay for a fan film of Maskerade by Terry Pratchett. It never got made because everyone else involved was a flake, damn them. Anyway, never mind. About a year later, I was the flake when someone asked me if I could write a script for a version of The Colour of Magic. I just couldn’t make it work (because there’s no coherent story, just a bunch of episodes), so it never went anywhere.

But but but, the big idea I had was to combine The Colour of Magic and its sequel The Light Fantastic, to give the thing a bit of structure. And I just checked out the website for Sky’s adaptation of The Colour of Magic aaaaand, guess what they’ve done?

Well. Seems like it wasn’t such a killer idea at all. At least it got made, I guess. And, hey, Sky? If you’re thinking of doing Maskerade at any point, I have this script…

4 thoughts on “Thwarted but happy, I suppose”

  1. Haha, oh all right, it was mostly that we couldn’t raise money.

    I would feel rather uncomfortable approaching mobfilm, like some dorky fan, but on the other hand… well, what’s to lose?

  2. Only a _bit_ of a flake.

    Anyway, I still think your Maskerade script was really good, and you might want to talk to who are the people who made Hogfather and tCOM

  3. Mmmm…flakes.

    What did you think of Hogfather? I don’t have Sky this time around so will miss the Colour of Magic, all the trailers are so…clean cut though. Just wrong!

  4. Oh, but obviously their version will be shit whereas mine would have rocked. It would not, for a start, have involved David Jason in any way.

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