Oh, yeah, happy new year.  I forgot.  Well, you know, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, it all rolls into one for me.  Yeah, that’s right it was my BIRTHDAY and YOU FORGOT.  Except if you didn’t, in which case thanks for the card!

I now have two calendars on my desk – one an A4-size at-a-glance and the other is a tear-off day at a time job with an "on this day in history" fact and a little motto at the bottom of each day.

Today in 1995, Peter Cook died.  That’s cheery.  "Kindness consists of loving people more than they perhaps deserve".  That’s a bit grudging.  I’m not sure I like this calendar.  I’ll keep you up to date on those, see if they get better.

A lot to look forward to this year, eh?

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  1. Happy new year (and horribly belated happy birthday too..)!

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