The inside track of the spiral staircase at moorgate. It’s walk-down weekday morning rush-hour, and the inside track is a joy, can shave seconds off your time. And it’s oddly satisfying to whizz past the other saps who chose the safer, slower outside track. Um. So that’s my morning.

I am in some serious back pain here. Lifting boxes is clearly disagreeing with me, though it’s a recurring thing, so perhaps that’s a coincidence. Ow, anyway. Ow. Seriously. In other news, Finding Nemo on Tuesday. Woo to tha hoo!

I never noticed, playing Wind Waker the first time, that Medli – bird-woman – is the Earth sage and Makar – tree-man – is the Air sage. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t it?

I officially don’t exist. In blog form, I mean. This is a hidden world, away from the prying eyes of all but, well, probably Mikey. And a couple of others. Okay, so there are probably more people reading this than ever read my old world blog. And I shall be working on the design for the overall site this week, so look out for this in a brand spanking new context very very soon.

So, what’s shakin’? My nose, as it happens. Hayfever is upon me again, from thinking I would escape this year. I gots it now, after a good few months of “Hmm.. don’t seem to be getting the hayfever”, so all is right with the world. Bloody world. Hate stupid flowers. Except the pretty ones, like sunflowers or gerberas.

Hello. Welcome to sanctuary mark… five? From big black fridge magnets to a stripped-down white blog. You’re here. I’m here. Let’s get this thing started, yes?

Doo be doo.



Not having an interesting time so far, are we? Never mind, this is just another place-holder, really. When the site’s fully up and running.. I just wanted to get my blog working. I heard an item on the Today program about blogs – we’re, like, sooo busted. They know. Y’know, out there. Radio 4 know. Quick! Get smarter!

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