So here I am at Waterloo station. Why? Well, wouldn’t you be if you had the chance? Ahh, the heady sights, sounds and smells of an international terminal! Yeah, I’m on my way to work. Never mind.

So I’ve been looking at hostels in London. That’s right, folks, homelessness beckons for this little moth. End of this week and I’m out of my house. Housing benefit failed to pay up over the past.. What? 8 months? Something like that. Anyway, off into the wilderness of no home I go. With luck, I’ll be in a sort of backpacker hostel, or something, by this time next week. Yes, it’s like a nightmare about a plague. But at least I have a job still! Look on the bright side!! Ay ay ay.

I’m all nervous for no good reason. Probably just waiting around to in to work, which always makes me feel crappy. I have things to do today, and I don’t wanna, but I gotta, becase it’s not just my problem. Hey, I can be more cryptic if you like. I was really unnerved by something at work yesterday, but the confidentiality thing I signed means I ain’t gonna mention what it was. Oh, and Corinne? Wil Wheaton gets a link and I don’t? What’s up with that?

I feel like Gene Wilder in The Producers. I’m wet! I’m hot and I’m irritable and I’m wet! I’m also in pain, but that’s just standing up all day. If you haven’t seen The Producers, this is very funny, by the way. But you should, really. Anyway, it’s been raining over lunch. And still hot. Yeah, good one, God.

Nice weekend, isn’t it? Sunny, and with lots of things to do. So I did nothing. Hahahaha! But indolence has its own reward, and I feel warm and contented. Have more work next week, possibly ongoing, so why worry?

I’m clearly out of control on wapblogger, but why wouldn’t you be? I can post from anywhere, except underground or the rainforest. And even then.. Maybe. There’s a tree growing out of the building opposite. God knows how, there’s no soil there. It’s not landscaping, it’s a scrap for survival. Poor tree. Or maybe not. Tough little thing, hanging on there…

I don’t know quite why, but this guy‘s site is just beautiful to me. Maybe it’s the Renaissance Man aspect of the list of qualitfications. Maybe it’s the idea of this website somehow selling web design. Maybe.. oh, i don’t know. But it’s great, and more people should see it. Am I cruel?

Saw Finding Nemo last night. Awesome like a million billion hotdogs. I was pretty dubious from the first teaser trailer – unlike the incredibles, the teaser for which makes me angry at time’s sluggardly progress – but it really is top quality. As you’d expect from Pixar, damn their over-achieving eyes.

Things you don’t want to know, part a million: that your aunt swears blind that a your ex-girlfriend with straightened hair is the spitting image of you mum at that age. I mean..! Thanks for sharing!