So I’ve been boxing stuff up. Files, you know. Anyway, this guy comes up and looks puzzled. What happened to all his files? They’re in these boxes. Heh. He didn’t like that. Not that he was pissed off, or anything. But he wasn’t chuffed. Apparently, his stuff was packed away simply because we didn’t have anything to do. Our over-efficency is his headache.

This ain’t quite how it’s going to be. But it’s not exactly how it’s not going to be, either. This is a rough cut of the new site. Say hello to modernism, folks. It’s the new post-modernism.

Well, actually, it’s the old post-modernism, but whose site is this, yours or mine? Exactly. Smartarse.

Hmm. I got a letter a while ago, saying Egg would be switching cash card providers from Link to Visa Plus, I think it was. Today, my card does not seem to work. Egg have been bad about this in the past. A little bit of history repeating..?

I’m thinking of ‘doing a Mike’. Not in the major lifestyle decision sense, of course. I might have to create a separate Wap blog if I’m just going to be posting shit here all the time. Or, y’know. Balls to it.

The inside track of the spiral staircase at moorgate. It’s walk-down weekday morning rush-hour, and the inside track is a joy, can shave seconds off your time. And it’s oddly satisfying to whizz past the other saps who chose the safer, slower outside track. Um. So that’s my morning.

I am in some serious back pain here. Lifting boxes is clearly disagreeing with me, though it’s a recurring thing, so perhaps that’s a coincidence. Ow, anyway. Ow. Seriously. In other news, Finding Nemo on Tuesday. Woo to tha hoo!

I never noticed, playing Wind Waker the first time, that Medli – bird-woman – is the Earth sage and Makar – tree-man – is the Air sage. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t it?