Can anyone recommend a comments script which I don’t have to have an advanced degree in being a geek to run? Also that I don’t have to translate from the English from the German? That would be nice. All I want is some interaction!

Jesus, the amount of people doing these things, anyone would think that the everyday running of a weblog would be easy. I don’t get php, okay? I don’t speak computer. Computers are not objects of fear for me, they’re just.. arcane. Like plumbing. I can get on with them quite happily, unblock the metaphorical plugholes and probably work out where that clang noise comes from at exactly 1.09 am every day, but I can’t replace the goddamn pipes or fix the boiler. And people think I’m a geek. They really do. The fools. I know nothing.

Well. Anyway. Back to the weather. The air itself was hot, the actual breeze through the window of a car going at 75 was hot, like being in front of a hairdryer or a very tired dragon. And I got the short trousers (my calves are saucily exposed as I type) and sandals, though they’re a size too big for my tiny feet. Never mind, though, they’re only sandals. I’d probably go on about other things now, if I could remember. Like, ooh, getting ready to start writing again, and wanting to see Dude! Zombie pirates! so badly it’s almost physically painful. Almost. Okay, so those geek threats might be a bit true. But not very.

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