So, London crashed last night, and didn’t get rebooted until this morning. I was in Baker Street station, having a bit of a read, when the lights dimmed. “Okay,” I thought. “Talk to us.” Which, eventually, they did, telling us to leave the station. Despite what the Mail/Standard might have you believe, no-one was panicked, no-one was terrified. The most anyone could muster was a sort of glum resignation as we filed out onto the streets to work out how the hell to get from A to B. I got a bus to Finchley Road – about half way between there and there – and found that the station there was closed, too. In fact, all stations were closed. Who knew? I thought it was just Baker Street. The taxis were all taken, and I had no idea which bus to take, if they weren’t full. So I went to the pictures, as you do.

Confidence is pretty good. Engaging, well performed, enough twists to ensure you don’t quite get them all.. yeah, a scam movie you can rely on. And, hey, at least I didn’t just cop out and go see Dude! Zombie Pirates! again.

Well, when I emerged from the cinema, I found the system was still buggered. Herself was booked into a hotel in Euston, after being stuck in a tunnel for 45 minutes just outside King’s Cross (no panic there, either), so I bussed it back there. Got to the hotel at 10:00, Baker Street still closed as I passed.

In summary, then. No panic. No terror. A bit of confusion. Normal service. And I’m hungry.

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