So, they’re just about to execute this guy in Florida for shooting dead an abortion doctor. And I’m torn, because on the one hand I absolutely oppose the death penalty, you can’t help but think “Yes, that’s about right, you sick little puppy”. Of course, then you have the martyrdom aspect which, naturally, he’s playing up. And that’s the last thing we want. Gah.

I don’t want him to be killed. I don’t actually want anyone to be killed. Die, yeah, sure, I want everyone to die, otherwise we’ll have a housing crisis the like of which we’ll never have seen bef.. Oh, never mind. I’d prefer a long, long life sentence and perhaps education. But you feel like it wouldn’t help this guy. He genuinely believes it’s worth taking a human life in order to prevent the destruction of non-sentient cell bundles. It’s difficult to talk about crime and punishment these days without sounding like a Daily Mail editorial, but, really, you have to throw away the key for these people. Or perhaps we could invent a time machine and send them back to the goddamn Dark Ages where they’d feel right at home.

{{{by the way. this week i didn’t mention the anniversary. you’ll need to guess exactly when it was, but it’s now been just over a year since her and me got together. i’ve had to separate this off so it don’t connect to the above rant. because that would be weird.}}}

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