Well, I added a (hopefully functional) link to the Sanctuary blog archive at the bottom, so if you get down to the last post and are still itching for more, you’re frankly amazingly thick-skinned. Just don’t expect anything good, or even coherent, okay?

I will, I promise, get round to making this a full site. The index page will be more than a goddamn picture of Link in his boat – cute and awesome though this image may be. The full works, when I get to it. You know. Blog, writing, reviews, links, a picture here and there. Maybe.

So, anyway, I’m losing another collaborator, and, dammit, a friend, one of the few I still have any contact with these days. I dunno, I think I repel people I can work with. There is a small – vanishingly small – number of human persons I can comfortably bounce ideas off, and I’ve lost touch with all except one, and he’s now off to the US. Well, good luck to you, old boy. I hope, I really do, that it goes well, because, let’s face it, cool.

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