So. I got a phone call on Friday.

“Hi, it’s Simon,” – Simon’s Australian, and he wants to make films of my scripts, so we like Simon – “Listen, I’m meeting this guy, a director, his name’s Chris Noonan. You remember Babe?”

“Yuh-huh,” because I did. Talking pigs, all that stuff. I have to say I thought it was George ‘Mad Max’ Miller, but that was just the screenplay it turns out.

“Anyway, I’d like to pitch him Maskerade,” Maskerade being the script I’ve already done, not the script I’m working on a treatment for. “Do you have a treatment for Maskerade?”

“Ooh, er..” No. “I don’t think so.” No. “No.”

“Do you think you can get one together for my meeting with him on Monday?”

Stop. You’re all aware of the time difference, yes? This is Friday. Monday is not far away. And Simon’s not going to want it for Monday morning. Sunday would be nice. That, to me, is Saturday night.

“I’ll try.”

I needed to write a treatment from scratch in just over a day. Aha. Ahahaa.

Well, I did it. Without the need to blackout the windows and consume a ton of mescalin, I sat in a bedroom and did it all. 5 pages, okay, you’re thinking not a lot, but trust me, that’s not easy stuff. I’ve been working on the other treatment for months, and I still can’t get it. Luckily, I know this script backwards and, well… Look, I did it, okay? And I got Sunday off, to take advantage of London Open House and we went for a trip round the Hoover Building which is simply gorgeous. I’ve been an admirer of that building for years, and the chance to see round… Woo, cool.

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