Well, I’m loving Blogger’s new cuddly look, if nothing else.

Plus, they’ve given me gmail! Hurrah for Blogger. Gmail kicks ass.

Okay, so just got off the phone to Lloyds. I now know how much I owe everyone, and that means? I can deal with things. I’m getting a call tomorrow from a debt management agency, which will hopefully start me on the road to freedom! Or at least the road to paying people off and not bloody well worrying about it every ten seconds. Turns out bankruptcy and even IVAs are for big-assed debts, and my puny less-than-£10,000 blackmark is small change. They are sure, they told me, that they can help.

One can but hope.

On the plus money side, we won the film quiz on Tuesday, and got the cash, something no-one has managed since – get this- November. It had rolled over into a tidy sum. £475 between 5 people? That’ll be £95 each, then. Oh, the high life for me. Breakfast! New trousers! A new book!

Flapjack has now ordered her new computer, so that’s going to be all shiny and new and oooh look at the shine. Mu-huh. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of Final Draft somewhere in the world…

You know, there’s something else but I can’t think of it right now. Maybe that was all. No. Argh. I hate blogging. I love blogging. Damn you, Blogger!

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