Well, all right, Mister Mike, I have rejigged the formatting slightly to compensate for the new commentary system. I only listen to you because you’re my genial host, you know.

In other news, flppy has a new computer (as well as, temporarily, a new url), which – in defiance of common sense – came with no modem. I know! Who are they selling these things to? Cave people? So we wents out and boughts a new one for, frankly, chump change. And I opened up the tiny tiny case, goggled at the lack of space to move, took out the video card, put the new modem in, put the video card back, closed it all up again and now the computer is just looking at us with a “modem? What is that? I’ve never heard of modems“…

Yep, I’m back where I was soooo long ago, with a computer failing to recognise its hardware. And I don’t remember how that problem got sorted out. And gah. Gah, you hear me?

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