I’ve been thinking…

Again. Sorry. Anyway, I was thinking about starting a team blog, because I’ve always wanted to but never seen a reason before.

So I was at work, thinking about how I wanted to rant about how much I hate my job – or at least… bits of it. That made me think about my weblog, which could easily accommodate such ranting. However, I also thought “yeah, but what if you had a separate blog, called something like ‘I hate my job’ or ‘It sucks being a temp’ or ‘Hey, you! What’s the limit on this thing?’..? Actually maybe not that last one”.

Then, furthermore I thought, what about if that were a team blog? If anyone I know who hates their job (or aspects of it) could just come along and rant, and so we’d have a little shouty space in the middle of the inter-web? Because sometimes you don’t want to have a goddamn dialogue about your stupid shitty workplace/workmates/workwork, you just want to yell.

So, uh, is it worth it? Since most of the people I know who are online people read this (all four of ya), who’d be in? Seriously.

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