That didn’t happen..

So I went into Game yesterday (after about 4 miles of back-and-forth to fetch my cashcard), armed with the knowledge that I’d got enough trade-in goodness and actual money to buy Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time. And, since it’s now at 29.99, even on Gamecube, I was surprised by how much cash I’d got to buy it.

What also surprised me was that I ended up buying Hitman:Contracts for Xbox, price 19.99. I don’t even own an Xbox. Why, then, did I buy the sequel to a game I had no interest in playing in the first place on a system I don’t have access to? Why, for 200 loyalty points, that’s why! So I got them both home and…


[activates dagger]

[rewinds to shop]

Then I traded Hitman:Contracts back in. For 20 quid. Net profit – 1p. And the 200 loyalty card points. I don’t know. I guess the guys in the shop worked out a neat little scam which got them some kind of commission bonus for flogging their latest offer. They’re welcome.

PoP is, naturally, the bomb. But it’s tough. At points. Argh.

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