time… is on my side

I’m now re-playing Prince of Persia, and I’m maybe loving the experience a little more this time through. Once you have the confidence and knowledge, it doesn’t frustrate as much. I can sit back and experiment with movement – half of the joy in PoP is the way the Prince moves about, the simple ease with which you can throw that little fella round those vast levels and watch him dance his way along walls, twirl his sword and edge his way along beams.

And then there’s the fighting. The fighting made me want to die, first time through, because it seems like a chore, a slog through waves and waves of enemies. But when you have the skill of it and the attitude of “I know how it goes, what the hell?”, then the experimentation comes into it. Vault over an enemy and retrieve their sand while they reel from your attack? Whee! Done! Parry, thrust, retrieve? Tricky, but it can be done, and when pulled off, it’s immensely satisfying.

Even rewinding – something I never used to do during a fight, it just never occurred to me – adds a dimension. When you know a blow is coming, how much more rewarding to get a second shot at it and block it, or leap gracefully out of the path of the blade and slash at your opponent while the momentum of their missed attack unbalances them…

All this, and a sequel in the works.

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