Whales and Cats

It seems that some people just can’t get enough of that great Whale taste, and want to start killing them again. Why are we not hitting them until they stop? Have we failed the whale?  It doesn’t seem right, and I don’t care if we’re sentimentalising them.  They’re big, there aren’t many of them, and we don’t keep breeding stocks.

In other thoughts, what – exactly – did Tigra bring to the Thundercats party?  Seriously, Panthro could turn invisible, Cheetara could run really fast, Lion-O… had a sword.  Well, no, I mean, he had management experience.  The Thunderkittens had flying skateboards, Snarf was comic relief… Tigra?  He had the car.  Basically, far as I can see it, he’s the kid that you hang out with because he’s got the driving licence.  Maybe Tigra bought the rest of the Thundercats beer, too.

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