One man’s epic struggle to not be grossed out by the other inhabitants of the house he lives in…

So this morning I walked into the bathroom and felt something in the mid-thigh area. Without my glasses on, I couldn’t tell what I’d walked into, but I could guess. Yup, there it was, a web across from the basin to the radiator (which is always on! Does it know it’s summer?), with the little Isambard Kingdom Brunel sitting in the middle wondering who was trying to break through its masterwork. So I backed up, got a glass and a piece of card and disposed of the master constructor.

I’m getting better. A year ago that would’ve freaked me out so badly I’d be shuddering and swiping at my legs all day. Today it’s a humorous anecdote for my blog. I’m not saying I like them. I don’t think that’ll ever happen. But I think I might start tolerating them. Why, just yesterday I had a shower with one hanging over my head.

In non-spider-related news, um… Oh, yeah, I’m going to visit my parents soon, for the first time this year. Not sure about the two new borzois, but it’ll be nice to see the folks and Ed again.

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