the sting

So about… oh, I don’t know. Six years ago – maybe – I was stung by a wasp. First time it had happened, which justified, I think, my years of worry about the little stripey shits. Yes, it hurt a lot to be stung on the palm of the hand, and I was extremely proud of myself for not shouting “FUCK!” at the top of my voice in the middle of my place of work. Go me.

Anyway, that’s six years ago, hardly current affairs. Thing is, the spot where I was stung all those years ago (six! Bloody hell, where did the time go? Okay, maybe five. I lose track) has started to hurt again. I’ve got a little hole in my palm in the exact spot I was injured by the stingy bastard, and it’s sort of sore and itchy. And I just squeezed a lemon. Ahhhhhhhooowww…

I’m going to do a spot of redesigning soon, by the way. I’m going to dump the external links page and have it inserted into the main template. Don’t know why, but I am. Going to stop me? No. Good.

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