Finished The Silmarillion. Bow before me, for I am King Nerd. Okay, okay, I have two pages left, but those are the two pages which detail the War of the Ring, and I think I know how that one turns out..

So, is it any good? Well, you know, it’s not bad. I have left the first half of the book behind me in the mists of memory so the later bits seem pretty rockin’. I thought when I embarked on the journey to the dark heart of Tolkien that it was a book for those who like Elves. No no no. This is a book for those who hate Elves and want to see their pointy-eared faces ground into the dirt at every opportunity. It’s like the Big Book of Elven Smackdowns. If I get round to that potted version you’re all no doubt utterly indifferent about I’ll give you some further detail. Suffice it to say for now that if you’re an Elf with a name which starts “Fin”, you’re not in for a happy time. Or, you know, you might have quite a happy time right up to the point that you’re brutally murdered and your corpse is brutally humped by a thousand orcs.

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