Well, Christmas is pretty much done and dusted. Oh, yes. Shopping? Check. Wrapping of presents? Check. Whacking great tree? Check, checkety check. This is the first proper Christmas tree I’ve had, and Flapjack, too. So we’ve got our first tree together. IYSWIM.

Anyway, we brought it quite a distance. I mean, not Journey of the Magi distance, but a fair bus ride and decent walk from Homebase. No-one batted an eye when I walked onto the bus with a tree taller than I am. This I attribute to it being a Sunday. And then it required sawing! Gah. No-one mentioned sawing. Still, now I know for next year. It’s currently in the corner, unadorned and falling back into its real shape. Bits are falling off! Hey, you bits! Stop falling off! I’m sure this is absolutely normal behaviour for a Christmas tree, but I’m worried about it. I want it to be perfect. It smells nice. This I have found. Fraser Firs smell lovely.

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