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Hello again!

I’m back properly now, so let’s just put the last month behind us and start afresh. How are you doing? Good, good, happy to hear it. I’m at work at the moment. Did I mention that we have new flat monitors and snazzy barcode readers? No, I don’t work in a supermarket. Though.. man, that would be pretty cool. No, it wouldn’t. Ignore me.

I had some peanut butter M&Ms yesterday. I must trek to Cybercandy myself sometime and buy their entire stock, just so Masterfoods gets the message. I WANT THEM HERE NOW! Stupid crispy M&Ms. Who wants them? No-one, that’s who. But peanut butter… I like the USA for one reason alone – its propensity to cram any and all foodstuffs full of peanut butter. Peanut butter M&Ms, Twixes, chicken kievs…

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