Stock Footage

So this morning (well, afternoon.. it was a late night), we thought we’d make soup. Flppy had a recipe from this month’s Good Food magazine that sounded nice. It was a Polish recipe for chicken soup with matza dumplings and had all the hallmarks of being quite tasty. Simple, but tasty. Since we were already cooking something else with it later, we hacked off the legs and wings of a chicken – not easy first time, so this was quite a bit of effort – and put them in with an onion and a carrot to make the stock. Actually, the stock is the soup, which should have rung an alarm bell. Maybe. I don’t know. Anyway we dilligently waited for, like, two hours, making matza dumplings along the way, before straining the soup out and having a taste. It was a beautiful rich brown from the onion skin and smelt lovely.

It tasted like water. Okay, maybe a hint of carrot. But carrot water is not lunch. Especially at 3pm. I put some salt and pepper in, but that made it taste like salty carrot water.

Thankfully we had a chicken breast in the oven and had sandwiches, but still. Bloody Poland.

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