Apparently I don’t do updates anymore. I just look at my site and use it as a place to go from. Bad news! I’m not as bad as Marv, mind. He SUCK SO HARD HE BLOWS! Sorry, Marv, but it had to be said.

So what’s happening, daddio?

We-ell. Let’s see. Fuck me, it’s hot! I mean, I know it’s the solstice, longest day any day now but come on! You know why, don’t you? Big Brother. Every year, like a charm, it brings out the sun. I start with a comment about the weather? Boy, am I English..

I’ve been upping my cinema visits! You saw the unfocussed ramble about Revenge of the Muthafuckin’ Sith, and I saw Sin City since (so you don’t have to. And you really don’t. Avoid!) and on Wednesday Batman Begins! Then continues and eventually ends after about 2 hours. Anyone from FU will notice that I stole that joke, but haha! I’m not just writing for you , and they don’t know, do they? Only they do now. Shouldn’t have mentioned it.

I’ve been playing Lego Star Wars, and you should too. It’s insufferably cute! I don’t know why, but they’ve made Obi-Wan a bit of a doofus and it works so well that Lucas should CGI a daffy grin onto Ewan’s face when he inevitably fucks about with the prequels in 15 years.

Dr Who is over for now, and wasn’t it just awesome? I can’t help but worry we’ll be cringing behind the sofa in ten years at the naffness but right here and right now for those 13 weeks there was nothing to touch it on TV. The sheer quality of the performances glossed over some actually not great writing and the enthusiasm of everyone involved created the most astonishingly good series of a British sf show I’ve seen since… sod it, forever.

Enough geeking out! The new White Stripes album is a serious grower but has now won itself a place in my heart. The new Gorillaz, meanwhile, has still to prove itself. No matter! I’m sure to give it time. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to Oobermann’s Magic Treehouse album from a while back and it’s adorably fun. But, again, I’m starting to cringe at it from a distance. Not as badly as I cringed when I listened to Therapy?’s Troublegum.. but a bit. Still, again, enthusiasm is papering over the cracks.

That was still geeky. Okay, I’m going to put up some shelves over the weekend and then have a barbecue. How’s that?

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