Hurrah, it’s the obligatory Lost blog post.

Up to episode four now and I – like the rest of you – have no fucking idea. Hobbits! Yay! And mysterious pasts for everyone! And a Polar Bear? Sure. Why not? Polar bears live on tropical islands, right? And some kind of big metaphor skulking around pushing trees over and eating pilots.

Still, the important thing is that I’m watching and therefore am involved in communal telly experience. No, wait! It’s because it’s good. I’m actually properly hooked, in… maybe a new Dr Who kinda way. Definitely not a Buffy-style hookage, that was one of those moments when you know a show is built for you. I.. honestly, so long ago, maybe I felt like that with the X-Files. I certainly went a bit mad for it. And, you know, I didn’t even notice that Gillian Anderson was the most attractive woman on telly until the second series. I think that says a lot about the awesomeness of the first series. Or the badness of her hair in that series, anyway.

Anyway, yes. Lost. I hope it doesn’t lose its way, 24-style, in the middle of series one. I’m up for a new show. Telly’s been a bit random since Buffy left.

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