Phoning it in

Hi folks! I have no reason to be typing this blog entry other than I feel bad if I’ve not posted for a while.

It was Hallowe’en, as well you know, last Monday. We got trick-or-treaters by the bucketload. Initially our big bowl o’ sweeties drew “Oooh”s and “Wow”s from the little extortioners, but by the end it was a bit “Er.. is that it?” *rummage* *rummage*. I was getting worried we’d be reduced to handing out fruit, thus legitimately setting ourselves up as “trick targets”. Kids firebomb shit these days, you know.

There are pictures of our pumpkin somewhere on this computer. It’ll turn up sometime. It was shit-scary.

One thought on “Phoning it in”

  1. We had a figure of the newby monk looming at the window over the carved pumpkins. A lot of the kiddies loved that too… proving that they are not entirely in it for the sweets – they also like to be spooked a bit.

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