And… action.

The Movies rocks. I have a film prepping now – a 50’s nostalgia piece with hot girl-on-girl action – and one in post whose name I have forgotten but which promises to be super-awesome, I think. I was a little disappointed with some of my earlier efforts – “The Cabin of Difficulty!” suffered from poor subtitling, and “The Dame’s Afoot” strayed from its initial brief a little too far. But you have to keep trying. Baby steps.

The post-production facility is a bit of a bastard in hi-res, so I have to keep switching down to lo-res to make sure the subtitles and FX synch up okay. I’ve made it to the 1970s without disaster, being merely mediocre. It’s a high-presure game, no doubt about it. Anyway, soon I shall be uploading “British Cop!” – a mis-matched buddy movie set on the San Francisco subway (I don’t want to hear it), “Callum and Stephen’s Laugh-In” – a farewell indulgence for one of my starriest stars, with hilarity a-plenty* and maybe “Dance All Evening” – a gritty kung-fu thriller with Thelma & Louise overtones.

*Exaggeration, may not be funny.

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