Somewhat unapologetic

Wow, been a while since I posted, sorry. And since I last posted, a televisual event of major significance has begun!

I refer, of course, to Big Brother Seven. Ahh. Every year I get more entrenched in my love for Endemol’s televised sanatorium. I think at one time I was even a bit apologetic in my liking of it. “Yeah, but it’s, like, a social experiment and really interesting and that”. Fuck that, you know it’s all about who said what about whom and what they did under the blankets with whatsit and how the nominations went and that. This year is already aces. Sezer’s eviction renewed (or maybe created) my faith in the Great British Public (91.6%!!! In a three-way vote! Woo!) after their depressingly obvious dismissal of Bonnie. And the next big eviction (Grace) will be just as satisfying, though I expect the interview will be more fierce than Sezer’s was.

And I’m liking people! Aisleyne is great, she’s coming over very well indeed – perceptive, straight-talking, good-natured. So I expect her to be kicked out very shortly. Pete – slight dificulty dealing with conflict in any way aside – is also very sweet, much sweeter than anyone else in the house. He probably doesn’t deserve to be in there.

And Nikki, of course. The demented Harpy-child is the most consistently entertaining person in there. You’ve gotta love Nikki. You just couldn’t live with her.

Apologies for any typos, by the way. The real computer is busted up and in the repair shop. This is Flppy’s work laptop.

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