no! no I don’t want it!

I don’t want your stupid free newspaper!

They’re like a plague in London right now. Walk 20 yards down any street (this is in the City, not sure about elsewhere, but I imagine it’s similar for most of the centre) and you could theoretically end up clutching 13 papers. Not different papers, mind. 7 copies of London Lite and 6 of thelondonpaper. On Friday they were handing out bits of the Telegraph. Enough! At least give me an alternative to all these right-wing publications (London Lite is produced by Associated Newspapers, fount of all things Daily Mail, thelondonpaper is Murdoch’s News International. The Torygraph hardly needs an introduction).

And they’re so bloody aggressive at the moment. I understand it’s something to do with gaining the distribution right within the stations themselves (as Associated’s Metro does in the mornings), but fuck! Back off, baseball cap-wearing paper-muggers! If I want it, I’ll take it. Don’t shove it at me.

Having said all that, if you need something to wrap your kitchen waste in before putting it in the recycling bin it’s an ideal situation out there…

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