Hello there, if anyone is reading. I decided that I really really really don’t want this thing to die. I’ve been running a blog since, like, 2001 or something. 2000 maybe. I don’t know, I deleted the archives. But whatever.

First thing, there have been changes! I am now a married man, oh yes. Gold ring, double-barrelled name and everything. It rocks, I highly recommend it. Maybe, maybe, maybe I’ll put some of the honeymoon pics up on Flickr, but given how long it’s taken for me to make this post, don’t hold your breath, yeah?

What? Second Life? Well… yes, ok, it was a fad. I went back in recently and there was VOICE, which is scary change. Especially if you happen to be a man with a female avatar… Ho, hum, these things happen. At least I never got a Facebook account.

2 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Yikes! That was fast. Yes, we should.

    Leyton, eh? Well, be careful out there…

  2. Hello. I am still reading. I’m not in Walthamstow anymore (Leyton is so far away). We should meet for waffles.

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