I’m a little bit worried about tomorrow.  For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I live in London and tomorrow is the London Mayoral election (yeah, there are other ones, but I’ll repeat – *I live in London*).  I’m getting a bit frantic that Boris Johnson might actually win.

It was all fun and games a few years back when the thought of Boris being leader of the Conservatives seemed like a jolly laugh and how funny would that be, eh?  Now we’re staring at the actual possibility that he could be in charge of something real, serious and hugely influential in a lot of people’s everyday lives… Not funny any more.  Quite terrifying, in fact.

I don’t buy the hapless bumbler shit (well, I sort of do, I suppose, in as much as I think he’s somewhat inadequate in many areas) so much as I do the idea that he’s an intelligent man with a fairly approachable public persona and a set of political and personal values which make me want to die/kill.

Not, it has to be said, that I’d want to hang out with Ken Livingstone.  But, you know, he has two factors in his favour.  1) The congestion charge rocks.  2) He is not Boris Johnson/a Tory of any description.  Oh, three factors – 3) He patently capable of running the city.

Personally, I’d be quite pleased if Brian Paddick won.  He won’t, of course, but it’s a nice thought.  He couldnt’ really be trusted to run the city, either, but then someone has to take over from Ken.  The only way you learn is by doing.

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