A week is a long time in blogging

A week is a long time in blogging

I missed last week’s post!  Sorry, single-figure readership.  Still, you had a funny video to watch in the meantime, what’s wrong with you?

Anyway, I went back to Plymouth this weekend.  Ah, Plymouth.  City of my… uh, year-or-so of renting.  We passed through Totnes on my way, and I was very excited by it.  It was a lovely place to live, and the simple act of passing through on a train made me smile.  Plymouth, well, I smiled but I wasn’t really as happy.  I never really liked Plymouth.  Sorry, I know it’ll be devastated.

They’ve got a big-assed shiny shopping mall in there now, which for a lot of cities is a cause for concern.  The town centre might be in trouble!  But with Plymouth… it’s so bloody grim with its post-war austerity-years Albert-Speer-planning that a nice new mall is actually a good thing.  I bought jeans for the first time since I was 19!  Madness.

Anyway, other than that it’s not changed.  If you’d like to visit, I can recommend the little cafe on the cliff side near the Citadel, just between the Mayflower Steps and the Hoe.  Nice cheese ‘n’ chutney sandwiches.

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