Sorry, been ages.  Been on holiday.  Been to Norwich – it was our first anniversary, so we pretty much looked at places we haven’t been to and went to one.

So what’s Norwich like?  Well, it’s very pretty, as it happens*.  Small, but that’s half a decade in London for you.  All places that aren’t London seem these days.  I’m just kidding; I’m sure Tokyo is a perfectly reasonable size.  Anyway, yeah.  We walked, we rode open-topped buses like SHAMELESS TOURISTS, we took boat tours of the Broads, it was great.

We had a lovely hotel room, though I’m not sure about no shower curtain and parquet floor.  Well, feh, we don’t have to live with their damp-proofing.  We actually felt a bit constrained by our proposed three-night stay and ended up there for four nights, which was lovely and oddly made the holiday 50% more relaxed for a simple 33% increase in time, or something.  I’m not sure about the maths, someone else work it out.

So that was our first anniversary.  Or, to look at it another way, our sixth.  We’re over half way to ten years!  You know, I think we might just be right for each other…

*Though, true to stereotype, at times the denizens made you feel a bit like you were wandering through the set of David Lynch’s new adaptation of Shadow Over Innsmouth.

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