Surely they can’t do this??

Our new clearing company LCC will be on site this weekend – Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March to undertake a deep clean of the kitchen facilities on all floors, including fridges.

LCC's policy for fridge cleaning cleans differs slightly form our previous cleaning company, and LCC will throw out EVERYTHING left in the fridge this weekend, and on a health and hygiene issue the fridge will be disinfected.

You are advised to remove anything you do not want thrown away from the fridge on your floor, BEFORE you leave on Friday evening.

You have been warned and Facilities will not take responsibility for ANYTHING left in the fridges this weekend, this includes all plastic containers, packs of butter or spreads, drinks opened or otherwise, cans, anything wrapped or bagged – take it home with you.

If any of your colleagues are on annual or sick leave, please remove what you think might be theirs. It does not matter if your food or drinks are named, in date or un-opened, LCC's policy is to throw out everything!

Remove it or lose it!!

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