Not following up

But I just saw a graph of reported measles cases in the last 10 years. Scary. However, I also saw a chart of meningitis cases since the various vaccines were introduced. Just brilliant. Check this out –

Since the Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) vaccine was introduced in 1992, cases of this disease, which can cause meningitis, have dropped by 99 per cent from about 800 cases a year to a record low of 12 cases last year in children under five. Since the Meningitis C vaccine was introduced in 1999, deaths from the disease have fallen from as many as 79 to an average of less than one death a year. In the two years since the pneumococcal vaccine was introduced, it is estimated that over 900 serious cases have been prevented.

We're winning that one, and there's (hopefully) more good news to come with another vaccine.

Sorry, this is all a bit serious. Stuff about coffee cups next week, promise!

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