Hello. On the 31st of May, a little baby girl, red faced and screaming, was handed to me. She was my daughter. She was so red, her skin so soft, her head so neat and round, she looked like an angry radish. Within seconds, I had a nickname for her. Within a few more seconds, I realised that I loved her more intensely than anyone in the world bar her mother.

Surprise of the day – and this was a day full of surprises, was her hair. First of all – lots of it. Second of all – red. Neither of us have red hair. My beard is a bit auburn but still. An amazing, unexpected, glorious colour. Coupled with her gorgeous face – and I know I’m biased, but she does have a gorgeous face – she may be the most perfectly beautiful creature in the world.

Five days later, I’m utterly besotted and find it hard to imagine a world without her. Just now she was crying for something – nappy? food? cuddles – and I got her to calm down by just holding her. She looked up at me, her deep blue eyes finding my face and her expression broke my heart. The helplessness, the vulnerability, the knowledge contained in the face that I will be able to help… Impossible to disappoint her. How could I?

She sleeps now. And when she’s awake.. I’ll be here.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats and welcome to 18 years of fun.

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