Look at that, its sunny outside!  Thats well, its annoying because I have a coat as well as a jumper today.



That makes me sound about eight.  Jumper.  Pullover.  No, theres simply no grown-up word for it.  Sweater.  Nooo.  Top.  Top is lame and boring, and what you call an item of apparel for which you have no other word.  Well, one that you wear on your torso, anyway.

I watched my daughter roll from her front to her back on Wednesday.  That made my week, that did.  A first!  And I witnessed it.  Distressing thought her first word will probably be to a nursery staff member.  Frowny face!  Must make a deal with them so they dont tell us even if it does happen, so itll seem like we heard the first word.  Thatll work, right?

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