deleted thoughts

deleted thoughts This is last weeks swallowed supplemental update: <<The baby is fine. Shes going through a tricky week, but shes learning stuff all the time. And shes beautiful, just really knockout lovely. Its like 4am and I want to die but she smiles up at me and throws her arms out& I cant resist a cuddle, though I have to couch it strictly in terms of soothing her to sleep so she doesnt think woo hoo! Playtime at 4 oclock! Time to wake up!. Her hair got a bit worn away at the back from lying down all the time (no I dont really understand either), but its growing back and its growing back the same gorgeous coppery colour as before. Phew. She really is a redhead!>> This week, shes a little less tricky, but still exhausting. Laughing more, though, and really seems to have developed some skillz. Shell be rolling over by the end of the weekend, you watch. Supplemental to the hair thing, I notice that she and I have thinning patches in the same places. Hmm. Its been mental at work, so Ive little to say. This week I played about 35 minutes of GTA IV. I have almost finished that Dracula book (though I may actually go mad if they refer to Whitby Abbey as Carfax one more time). I am starting to research what phone I might want come upgrade time. Any thoughts?

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