Carrot and stick (of broccoli)

Carrot and stick (of broccoli)

Baby-led weaning, thats what were up to this week.  Were feeding our baby great dripping chunks of food.  Well, okay, dripping might be overstating it a smidge, though we did give her a chicken wing which she held very much in the manner of a tiny Henry VIII munching on a drumstick.  She even has the ginger hair.  But no beard.

So far shes eaten, to give an inexhaustive list, broccoli, asparagus, bread & butter, potato (sweet and regular), spinach, carrot, sausage, the aforementioned chicken no mush, no spoon-feeding and no problems.  And shes only 5 months.

Its a joy to watch.  She grabs at the food, looks at it intently, then gums it into submission.  Some food is more popular than others, but it all gets thoroughly investigated before she casts it aside, bored of that now.  Her expressions when grappling with new, unfamiliar foodstuffs are real treats, from open disgust (and yet she wont stop eating..) to enthusiastic pleasure.  We try not to stare too plainly at her, dont want to give the poor girl a complex, but its hard not to gape in delight as you watch a small human learning about the amazing world of food.  And make no mistake, she can handle it.

I wouldnt feed her puree now for anything.  Shes on solids, and thats exactly how it should be.

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