Bit cold, innit?       

Hello, again.  Happy new year, indeed happy new decade!  And dont give me that crap about how its not a new decade, theres a 1 where there was a 0, you cant tell me thats not a different decade.

So, what did you get for Christmas?  Peace, goodwill?  An X Box?  Ive had Christmas and a birthday since my last post, you know, that makes me a whopping thirty three.  Still early thirties, but not comfortably.

Things my baby can do:

Rub noses


Have a conversation consisting of a-tah at different intonations




Roll over onto her back

Roll over onto her front

Eat teeny tiny burgers

Drink water from a sippy cup.

Amongst other things.  Maybe more.  Maybe some of that list is just wishful boasting.  But by gosh, she does seem to be coming on fast.  Within the next couple of weeks I expect her to be able to pick up small objects between finger and thumb.


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