Hey, it’s getting lighter.

Ahh, the fresh tang of a new update.  So much might have happened in the two weeks since last I wrote, and yet so much has not.  Well, nothing I’m going to blog about anyway.


I’m going to try something to kick-start the writing.  I’m going to write out a list of chapter headings for the whole book, ones which sound cool and are also suggestive of the shape of the story.  Most of them probably won’t end up in the finished product, but, eh.  I dunno.  Worth a shot.


Baby news: Has been seen to be pincer-gripping, and definitely taking small steps (haha) towards proper crawling.  Very chatty, and copies sounds/movements.  Having her wave at you is just to die for.  Check the flickr page (link at the top) for some extra-lovely pictures of her at Regent’s Park.

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