More of the same.

You know how last time it was all about vomit and that? Yeah, that again.

E is running a fever. 39.5 degrees was the scary number last night, until the helpful person at NHS Direct told me that you have to add a degree if you’re taking the temperature under the arm.  40.5.

Yikes.  So I didn’t begrudge her spending the night sleeping on my chest as I was propped up at a funny angle on our (New! Comfy!) sofabed.  I did begrudge her puking on me again, though, but that was in the heat of the moment.  No-one likes being doused in vomit, no matter how cute the emetic.

I am informed that she is much better today.  Responding well to the magickal powers of Calpol, her fever has receded and her demeanour improved.

And soon, I will have other things to talk about.

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