New year


So what’s been happening?  Well, I’ve got older (thirty-four now, slowly-increasing-numbers fans), and for my birthday we went to the ZOO!  Yay!  Okay, it was a bit gloomy and a bit cold and there’s nowhere to eat a picnic when it’s winter, but we saw lions (“rarr! rarr!”) walking around, growling, and tigers (“rarrr! rarrr!”) walking around, growling, and gorillas, climbing (not growling), and bugs (just bugs).

Anything else? Jesus had his birthday, too, which is nice for him.  Didn’t get him a card, but he never gets me one, so fuck him.

Almost finished my book – SOON TO BE AVAILABLE ONLINE.  I’m not actually expecting you to BUY A COPY. No-one should have to BUY A COPY, I’m doing it purely to have something to give to E in the future, to say “Look, this was made for you by Dad and Granddad”.

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