Meet me here.

What, this came out as poetry? Clearly some sort of mistake.

Meet me by the Christmas tree
oh! Meet me there
Meet me in the town square
under the baubles
beneath the lights
deep in the pine-scent darkness
meet me there.
Meet me like a sleigh-strewn gift
unexpected kiss
beneath the plastic mistletoe.
Meet me on the concrete stair
where traffic hums
distant and calm
where pigeons haunt
the blue-light chaos of Christmas
where trees
netted with ice
case my hopeful vigil.
Make now steps
through thin-dusted snow
blown tumbling into grass
cut short
for winter show.
I see you, warm
wrapped, coat gloves hat
tiptoe tumble through each blot
of cream light
spot-lighting your approach.
I press back down,
nestle warm in branches
breathe snow and pine
oh! Meet me here,
beneath the Christmas tree
oh meet me here.

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