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Tree Fu Tomboy.


A new show has started on CBeebies, Tree Fu Tom. Yes, yes, dyspraxia, all very worthy, but look at it from the point of view of a regular viewer. Another cheap-looking CGI show (I’m sure it’s not that cheap, but I expect it’s not expensive), another male lead.

This prompted me to ask Twitter to name CBeebies shows where the lead was female. Dirtgirlworld and Everything’s Rosie came up very quickly, and 64 Zoo Lane. All solidly girl-centred. Charlie and Lola. Well, I’m not so sure about that – yes, it’s mostly about Lola, but they share equal billing and Charlie is the narrator. Then the suggestions moved to Nina and the Neurons, Same Smile, Come Outside, I Can Cook (oh, you can see where that’s going) and Balamory. Notice anything about those? Not girls, women, and generally quite mumsy women, helping you to learn.

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More of the same.

You know how last time it was all about vomit and that? Yeah, that again.

E is running a fever. 39.5 degrees was the scary number last night, until the helpful person at NHS Direct told me that you have to add a degree if you’re taking the temperature under the arm.  40.5.

Yikes.  So I didn’t begrudge her spending the night sleeping on my chest as I was propped up at a funny angle on our (New! Comfy!) sofabed.  I did begrudge her puking on me again, though, but that was in the heat of the moment.  No-one likes being doused in vomit, no matter how cute the emetic.

I am informed that she is much better today.  Responding well to the magickal powers of Calpol, her fever has receded and her demeanour improved.

And soon, I will have other things to talk about.

books, etc

Some things I don’t mean to do, and reading a book on my phone is one of them.  Okay, you might say “Well, why did you download the software, then?”, which is hard to argue with, but I don’t know, it’s a brave new world, lots of crazy apps and shit, why not?  It was free!  And it came with a copy of The Invisible Man pre-loaded onto it.  I thought “Eh, let’s see how reading off of a screen works, yeah?”.  Turns out it reads ok, though I’m not doing it for any length of time so we’ll see.


Oh, yes, the point of this was that I have a copy of Wolf Hall in my bag, which I totally intended to start reading yesterday and a copy of The Phantom of the Opera at home, which I nominated as book of the month and so have a duty to read.  But what did I do?  I read a page or two of The Invisible Man and now I have to finish it.  It’s a compulsion.  Bloody Wells and his curiously more-ish prose.


Also, furthermore, the point is that I want to read books, buy books, paper, physical books.  I don’t want electronic copies.  I don’t want to be thought of as part of the generation that killed books, that would destroy me.


Which is why we have so many books for E.  So many!  I bought The Gruffalo’s Child the same weekend as Wolf Hall, and I think it may be my favourite baby book now.  Although I still don’t have a proper voice for the Gruffalo’s Child.  Squeaky Scots, I guess, since my Gruffalo is sort of a bad Robbie Coltrane impression.