The world is crazy! Snow! Then no snow! Then snow again. My train was cancelled this morning, and the Victoria line was broken. The driver said over the intercom “I apologise for the more overcrowded than usual overcrowding..” which made me forgive them a bit for not having platform announcements.

Anyway, real news. I got home, well, we got home on Tuesday, and there was a box waiting. I say I, because she knew it was there already, and grrr argh! But not. Because it was a box containing happy. It was a box with 23 widescreen inches of pleasure. A TV. Oh, and what a lovely, lovely, shiny, thin, flat TV it is, too. And! And! Sky! On the 20th, Mr Sky is coming over to kill us and eat our puppies. Sorry, install Space Telly. Auto-response, used to work for OnDigital, nevermind.

So, in summary, I’m taking a day off tomorrow. I’ll probably spend most of it re-honing my Tekken 3 skillz, or watching Futurama, or or.. wow, there’s a lot of stuff to do. TV! How cool is that?

Also, lights are up now. There are 2 broken shades (one only a sixth of the entirety, one half of it). But that’s ok, these things happen and I’m confident things will sort themselves out somehow, things usually do. Easy for me to say. Anyway, the kitchen (mostly finished!) looks surprisingly extra-slinky with its new light-sources.

Farewell for today. I have your chickens, losers!

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