in your face, michaelangelo!

So I just painted the ceiling of the little bedroom, in about an hour or so. Now, I’ve never seen the Sistine Chapel, but chapels are generally pretty small. Even if it was only, say about twice the size of our room (a fairly generous chapel!), I still think he was being pretty slack taking four years. I’d sympathise with him on the bit where the walls meet the ceiling, that’s a tough part, but you know, beyond that… A roller on the end of a broomstick, that’s the trick, Michael.

Mind you, I suppose he had to leave work to go and fight crime with his Turtle buddies a lot. Still, he should’ve had a subcontractor of some sort to take up the slack. He was lucky the Pope didn’t call Watchdog. “This shady decorator has taken four years to paint one ceiling..!”

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