they keep starting fires..

Last night I walked into the bedroom and Flapjack told me to stop moving. I assumed I was making too much noise, galumphing over the floorboards. And I was, for there was to be heard a cracking, popping noise from outside. I stood by the window and listened, but couldn’t place the source, looked up and down the street, because it seemed to be coming from everywhere…

Then I looked up at the houses opposite, and behind them there was a huge orange glow, smoke, glowing cinders flying into the air.. Yup, Walthamstow was on fire again (this is after the shopping centre in town, and Momart? That was just down the road, saw that from the bedroom window). I tried to get a piccie, while Flppy called the fire brigade. Hmm. My priorities seem a bit off there.

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