winners and losers

I did my mine canary impression for Alien vs Predator, and I’m still tweeting, just about. Not about the film, but generally. You know. Tweet. Tweet.

So how you been? Personally, I’ve been pretty okay. I made some sort of biscuity things last night and they were quite nice. That’s definite. Nice. We cooked chinese food on Saturday and the damn fish paste we made won’t come out of the blender, which is lovely as you’d imagine. I managed to need to change shirts twice that evening, which means I’m clearly very messy (ice cream first, chicken stock next). Well done, that moth! Flppy made spring rolls (yep, made) while we searched the inter-web for holiday homes in Whitby, which is where we’re going next year with her family. It should be fun, I haven’t had a holiday in years.

I’m currently in a writing sort of mood, and I have a big idea finally starting to make sense in my head, which is always pretty exciting. Whether it’ll make sense when I shove it into Final Draft is another question entirely, but the process is always… um, well, actually it’s always a slog and a frustrating one at that. So we’ll see.

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