Update: We’re watching..

Okay, so Thomas has just moved to Blogger and his link is now fixed ->

Because I don’t do it because I think no-one’s watching, here’s a spur-you-on list of people in my links who haven’t updated in ages. C’mon! I need updates!:

Kemi: July 14th
Mein Host: May 31st, but he’s been updating flickr so That’s All Right.
Corinne: July 7th
Marv: May 8th
And the big shock? Adara’s blog has vanished. Like an old oak table.

3 thoughts on “Update: We’re watching..”

  1. I had nothing to say on my blog, so I made it go away. It might come back one day if I can think of a good enough reason for it.


  2. You know very well that Kemi is currently without internet so leave her alone you big bully.

  3. I have a big feministic rant planned. It is fomenting as I type.

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