I was just waiting for the appropriate amount of time to make the previous post that much more ironic.

Hey hey! I’m posting this from work, just round the corner from my desk. They installed a couple of terminals so we can slope off and surf the net more conveniently and not have to tramp downstairs and waste more time than if we just had the net at our desks like reasonable humans. Still, meh and pah. The one weird thing is that the keyboards are about the size of a postage stamp. If my posts are littered with typos and stray punctuation it’s because I’m here and not at a normal computer. Sorry about that. Still, hello! Posting from work!


Regular readers may have been able to work out that it was the third anniversary of Moth ‘n’ Flapjack last week. Or not. But it needed saying. THREE YEARS! That’s a long time. Not in the grand scheme of things, but the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. And hurrah for that.

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